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Navigate the complex world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies with confidence and ease of mind.


At Portfolium Group we provide all blockchain services from A to Z. Our aim is to provide a one stop shop for all blockchain businesses and investors. From opening a business in the crypto space to legal/accounting advice, we are here to help. Our team of legal and accounting specialists are ready to solve any problems you might have and together with our team of crypto professionals, you can rest assured, your crypto journey is in good hands.

Unlock the potential of blockchain technology with Portfolium Group and let us do all the “dirty” work for you.

Bitcoin/stablecoins payments

Blockchain audit

Bitcoin Wallets


Real Estate Purchase With Crypto

1. Talk with our advisors on the best areas to live or invest in Cyprus

2. Visit properties through our partners that can accept crypto payments through our service

3. Wallet audit to make sure no illegal activity took place

4. Developer receives either crypto or fiat in their bank account

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